ContactBook is a web-based Contact Relationship Management application, optimized for use by both individuals and teams.

"ContactBook gives us a great interface and flexibility to manage our leads. I like the fact that there really is no learning curve with new employees and it definitely helps users manage their time."
    Rich Greene
    Liquid Technology

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ContactBook.Net is the total solution for progressive companies looking to better manage their sales force and access millions of targeted leads. Powerful email capabilities, real-time sales performance monitoring, and flexible custom fields are just the beginning.
  • One point of contact. You get a personal Account Manager trained to tailor ContactBook.Net to your specific business goals.

  • Very intuitive and easy to use...get sales reps up and running in minutes.

  • No Software to download. ContactBook is entirely web-based. You can access ContactBook.Net from any browser at any Internet connection.

  • A simple interface lets you track your contacts, organize your calendar, and manage all your inbound and outbound email for maximum sales productivity.

  • Manager accounts are $65 per month and User accounts are $40 per month per User. No hidden fees or setup charges.

  • Self-populating lead acquisition tools help you build your prospect list fast.

  • A unified lead database lets sales managers measure the effectiveness of different lead sources, track individual productivity, and distribute leads among salespeople.

  • A powerful search engine lets you send customized batch emails to any segment of your ContactBook in seconds.

  • You can multi-task using numerous browser windows open at once.

  • You can do all of this without interrupting your sales effort.

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"My favorite feature is the ability to transition leads between sales reps. When a rep leaves a territory, within minutes I have the leads reassigned. None of the leads fall through the cracks. I have recommended CB to several of my closest business associates and have even given demos to some of them.
    I started telling one of my associates about all the features of ContactBook, and at one point he said 'If you're that excited about the software maybe you should be selling for them.' Evidently he picked up on my enthusiasm."
    Chris Valente
    Vice President of Sales
    Mercury Shipping

"I just wanted to thank the designers of Since I began inputting my client leads yesterday my life has gotten so much easier. It will save me many hours of e-mail communication between myself and colleagues on the west coast. Every move that I make can be monitored by the home office and I can concentrate on servicing the needs of clients. Cheers to you, I thank you."
    Catherine Burns
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator

"ContactBook has proven to be a valuable resource in managing my sales activities and gathering leads. It has helped me manage my time effectively, record all of my client interactions ... it is probably the most user-friendly contact management software I have come across."
    Peter Stein
    Director of Business Development
    Horah Group

"I just want to comment on how much easier our lead management is now that we are using ContactBook. Thanks to ContactBook, we are able to make sure each and every customer gets the personal attention they need."
    Paula Fulton
    Sales Manager
    BMC Boats

"ContactBook.Net is easy to use. It is excellent for monitoring rep activity and logging every piece of correspondance. It is truly a great system."
    Arom Bates
    Telemarketing Manager
    M5 Managed Telecom Service

"Using Contactbook as our lead management tool has increased outbound call volume by upwards of 20%. Unlike some software-based database tools, I can easily and quickly access all of my lead contact information from any place at any time."
    Russ Benoit
    Commerical Account Manager
    Meganet Communications

"This is great news. It is a great improvement over my last system."
    Mickey Kampsen
    MRI Thousand Oaks

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